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E-Bike Batteries

votexa sells e-bike batteries throughout Europe

Testing and quality are the foundation of our range, to ensure we offer the highest levels of safety in every product we sell. To ensure our quality, all our E-Bike Batteries only use leading brands like Samsung, Panasonic, DMEGC, DLG, and LG Battery Cells,  ensuring our safety and quality. 

votexa has an extensive range of custom-built batteries, which have gone through the latest European testing standards, including EN 62133-2-2017, UN 38.3 and CE-EMC. Certificates and testing information are available for each battery, detailing the standards they have been tested to and further technical information. 

With offices and employees throughout Europe, votexa can stay in touch with the latest trends in the rapidly increasing e-bike market.

votexa is also able to offer a custom battery building service, from design to certification of the product. For larger volumes votexa can custom build the battery to suit your needs, including cell brand, size, voltage, watts, watt hours and amp hours.

votexa are the e-bike battery and charging experts, we welcome any questions you have on our range, or assistance you need.

With a battery from votexa, you know you are buying both safety and quality in every product

Visit our ebike battery website  we ship to a number of European countries

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