With over 40 years of industry experience, votexa and its team is a values, quality and safety driven organisation. With a global track record in delivery quality and on our commitments.

Owned and Chaired by industry veteran Stuart Davies and Managing Director automotive executive Bert Stellinga, votexa has establish a small agile team, which is ready to meet and exceed our partners and customers requirements

At votexa we look at developing tomorrows solutions today, instead of waiting for solutions to be developed for new problems and emerging customer demands.

Votexa builds and designs a range of innovative batteries and mobile charging solutions. Our products are built and designed around providing the safest products and services.

Votexa currently has two sizes of Mobile EVSE Chargers, built in partnership with ARC Europe, these chargers provide light weight mobile charging solutions throughout the world.

In assisting and adapting to the evolution in e-mobility, votexa has also developed an extensive range of lithium e-bike batteries. Like most batteries, all batteries look the same. However, as history has shown, lithium can be a violate product if not correctly built and handled. In protecting our customers and employees, we ensure we only use the highest quality components in each product.

Votexa is constantly expanding the range of products and services we offer and is always looking for new distribution and sales partners globally.

Over the coming years votexa will be expanding our product and global presence, as we meet partner and industry needs.

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