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Battery, Energy, Testing, Service Delivery related consumer solutions


With over 40 years of industry experience in the battery, energy, consultancy, and service delivery, votexa is a values, quality and safety driven organisation. With a global track record in the delivery quality solutions, which drive consumer satisfaction and loyalty, votexa is  name you can rely on.



votexa has a range of products, service and brands globally, with offices in Australia and Europe, including Club Logistics Services, Cap Rouge Europe, and Assist Batterie.

Australian owned by industry veteran Stuart Davies, votexa has establish a small agile team, with a global view on mobility and e-mobility solutions.  votexa is ready to meet and exceed our partners and customers requirements.

The future is electric, with battery and energy related products and services evolving rapidly. At votexa we always aim to stay ahead of the curve, through market insights and close industry contacts.

votexa builds and designs a range of innovative batteries and mobile charging solutions. Our products are built and designed around providing the safest quality products.

With over 40 years global battery sourcing and distribution experience, votexa is now pleased to offer our experience through on a consultancy. Allowing our partners to negotiate cost effective battery and distribution pricing, while ensuring contract structure that ensure quality, safety, and environmental stewardship

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