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LEAD ACID Batteries

Through our European division Club Logistics Services, votexa stocks a broad range of lead acid batteries, to suit most applications.

votexa purchases and imports batteries from the worlds leading battery manufacturers. Allowing votexa to tailor make our range dependent on the customers and market demands. When purchasing we look for quality, defect rates, environmental stewardship, and logistics support, in line with our partners needs. 


Our broad range of batteries are available for automobiles, truck, earth moving equipment, farming equipment, forklifts, marine applications, solar applications, golf carts, using Flooded, EFB, and AGM battery technologies. 

Our Batteries all pass extensive testing, to ensure they not only meet European and Global standards, but exceed them.


At votexa we have a cradle to grave approach on every battery sold. It is our goal to send an old battery for recycling, for each new battery sold

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