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Mobile EV Chargers

votexa mobile EV charger

votexa is committed to supporting the global transition to emobility, with along history in promoting and identifying market trends.


Batteries manufacturing, distribution and recycling are the corner stone for emobility, votexa has a range of battery solutions for every application 

Our EV Charging Products

VOTEXA is a trading brand of CLS, we are known throughout the Road Service Industry, for developing some of the industries first mobile EV Charging solutions.

VOTEXA recently ended sales of its ground breaking first generation mobile EV Chargers, these have been now replaced by a two completely newly designed and improved charger. Company Chairman Stuart Davies is quoted as saying “this completely new charger, allows us to utilise technologies and build materials, not available to us four years ago, when designing our first chargers. We are proud of our association with ARC Europe, and to develop new and unique products to fill their road service needs”

Through our unique product offering, VOTEXA is helping Companies and Roadside Assistance Clubs and Organisations, by assisting customers electric vehicle related breakdowns.

To meet these needs, we now offer two VOTEXA Mobile EV Charging solutions versions, THE C100 charging at 5.5kW and the C200 charging at 7.6kW. This charger can be configured to charge through normal mains power, in or out of the vehicle, or adapted to charge through the vehicle’s alternator. On board power is provide via 4.8kW battery packs, with additional batteries available for greater charging capacity.

Mobile votexa C100 EV Charger
votexa  charger
Mobile EV Charger

Mobile EV Charger Brochure Download

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