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Mobile EV Chargers

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votexa is committed to supporting the global transition to emobility, with along history in promoting and identifying market trends.


Batteries manufacturing, distribution and recycling are the corner stone for emobility, votexa has a range of battery solutions for every application 

Our EV Charging Products

votexa currently has one mobile power solution available for delivery globally. Our Mobile Battery Charger carries 4.3kW of power and transfers power at 7.6kWh with additional battery packs to increase capacity in multiples of 4.3. 

votexa has mobile EV chargers deployed in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Spain. Due to the flexibility of our product, these chargers are deployed in a range of different vehicles and locations. 

Download the latest brochures below

votexa  charger

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