Who we are

VOTEXA is a division of Club Logistics Services Australia (CLS), with offices in both Australia and Europe.

CLS Australia is owned by the Davies Family and is headed by Stuart Davies

CLS has a long history with working the worlds leading Motoring Clubs and Roadside Assistance companies, in developing innovative Roadside solutions, to assist with drivers breakdowns.

VOTEXA was born out of a strategic partnership with ARC Europe, where their were looking for a mobile solution to assist the emergence of Electric Vehicle breakdowns. Like combustion engine vehicles that run out fuel, due a range of reasons, Electric Vehicles are subject to a range of new variables that impact them. This results in Electric Vehicles been stranded and in need of a modern day fuel can. However, this fuel can is full of power, to provide and emergency charge.

VOTEXA is solely focused on batteries and mobile power solutions, which can be adapted to a broad range of requirements

Management Structure

Chairman: Stuart Davies

European Managing Director: Bert Stellinga

Business & Technical Development: Ruud Barna

Director:   Chloe Davies

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